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Bible Based Teaching

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Vision and Mission

India Care Mission

Our Origin:

Pursuant to God’s calling, a mission-minded couple moved to Checkanurani (a suburbs of Madurai city in Tamilnadu) to start a primary school for God’s glory. It was the need of the hour. The Christian values, Biblical principles and quality teaching were the hallmarks of this school. Besides growth, the school witnessed the movement of the Holy Spirit among the friends of other faith.

Joining hands with other mission-minded friends, this couple was burdened to start this movement (I.C.M.) primarily to give care to them that love the Lord from other faiths. The Bible based teaching; inculcating Christian values and Mission focus are the core values of our movement.

Keeping this as a model, it seeks to broaden the scope of ministry to cover other parts of this needy nation, India.

About ICM

ICM caters for the needs of the following

  • Spiritual Care: Molding Christ-like characters
  • Youth Care: Reforming Youth towards a transformed society
  • Missionary Care: Building the nation by standing with the missionaries
  • Family Care: Developing Christ-centered, value-based families that influence the communities
  • Community Care: Raising Communities that honor God
  • Educational Care: Inspiring educators for effective teaching and communication of the Gospel
  • Medical Care: Giving quality health care and health education

Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

  • Blessed to be a blessing to the friends from other faiths

Our Mission:

  • Empowering the Youth
  • Enlightening the Communities
  • Exhorting the servants of God